Qubes trick: 2-slot clipboard

Continuing the discussion from "Now You're Thinking with Qubes":

Not exactly “thinking with qubes”, but I find it useful to have the global clipboard to store secondary clipboard text.

Scenario (all in the same qube)

  1. I have something on the clipboard (1) that I want to copy to another thing
  2. I find there is another relevant bit of text (2) that I want to copy first but I didn’t want to loose the previous keyboard

How to

  1. I have the (1) on clipboard
  2. I copy (1) to the global clipboard (ctrl + shift + c)
  3. I copy (2) to the local clipboard (ctrl + c)
  4. paste (2) (ctrl+v)
  5. paste (1) to the local clipboard (ctrl + shift + v)
  6. paste (2) (ctrl + v)

Is this not pretty much what the “thinking with Qubes” thread is about?
Making creative use of the possibilities that come with this operating system. Why did you split that post @deeplow? :slight_smile:

Probably because it’s not about security and can be done on an ordinary OS.

I do use this trick frequently.

Are you talking about clipman ? Cause I’m wondering if and how it could be handled nicely in Qubes, as it’s a tray app.

My “tricks” are

  1. I’m more inclined to use CTRL/SHIFT+Insert in combination with CTRL+SHIFT+c/v. Both hands become more productive that way in my case (right hand doing the former, and left doing the latter. Or, left hand doing all the time CTRL and SHIFT, and right always on Insert),
  2. Excluded use of CTRL+c in terminal, by exclusively using xfce4-terminal and its option to automatically copy selection to clipboard.
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Maybe. Following the Portal game analogy explained in the “thinking with Qubes”, this is like a side-effect of using portals and not portal with portals temselves.

Plus, I wanted more people to find it and for this to have a title :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. This is standard Qubes OS clipboard stuff

I know :stuck_out_tongue: I was reacting to :

I was wondering how one could easily integrate clipman in Qubes (I’m still only using Qubes domUs w/o GUI).

This should be asked in a new thread I think.

I agree (not at this point in Qubes yet though ^^), but was also asking how you use that trick in an ordinary OS.