hello, from my fedora-34-tor template (Cloning my fedora-34 VM Template) - I use terminal to launch my following command line: sudo dnf install qubes-tor-repo I encounter an error with the following message: cannot find a qubes-tor-repo match

thank you in advance for your very valuable help.

Is a QUBES OS update problem

I don’t have a fedora template to test this on, but have you tried dnf search qubes | grep tor ?

That should show you available packages matching the criteria.

thank you for your help so I will try

It would be helpful if you said what you were trying to do.
There is no package qubes-tor-repo , and there hasn’t been for some
What problem did you hope to solve if that package still existed?

thank you for your feedback and your precious help, after cloning the fedora34 vm template, I want to install Tor on this new vm template
Is it more interesting to go through unix to use TOR?

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Thank you for your answer and valuable help, so I will look carefully at this documentation. Thank you

Again, you have not said what problem you are trying to solve.
(If the problem is “I want to install Tor”, then I apologise.
But it could be that you think that that is a solution to some other problem that you
have not clearly stated.)

If you want to use Tor, then the normal way in Qubes is to use
Whonix, which is preconfigured on your Qubes system.
You would normally use the Whonix-workstation (also available as a
disposable), but you could make any qube use Tor by setting the netvm to
If you want to run a web browser through Tor, then install the
TorBrowserBundle in to any qube.

If you want to run a Tor node then you may indeed want to install Tor in
to the template, and start the service in each target qube.
You will find instructions for installing Tor at torproject.org.

So, what do you want to do?

I want to create a proxiVm that will connect it to the Tor network. When I surf the internet with my favorite browser I prefer to go through Tor. I want to connect my vm app (preferred browser) to my proxiVm (sys-Tor).so I will use whonix thank you for your valuable remarks. Kind regards.

The canonical way in Qubes is to use Whonix and set your qube netvm
to whonix-gateway

If you want a lightweight version, then I provide a package that you can
install in a debian template which only provides a Tor gateway.
This may be what you want.

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As a first step, I will try to use Whonix and set the qube netvm
to whonix-gateway. Thank you for your explanations and your precious help.