Qubes Tools on Windows 10 and loss of network connectivity


I’ve recently setup a Windows 10 Qube and have encountered a persistent bug/issue which I have been unable to overcome despite a great deal of googling and experimenting with various settings.

After installing Windows 10, I have followed the instructions at Contents/windows-tools.md at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub to setup Tools for clipboard sharing. On a high level, these steps are:

  1. Downloading/installing the XEN xenvbd and xenbus driver packages. Rebooting.
  2. Downloading/executing qubes-tools- and installing without “Move User Profiles” and “Xen PV disk driver” selected. Rebooting.

When Windows is first installed, my networking works fine (I see a single/valid adapter in my Network Settings and can connect to the internet). After installing the xevd and xenbus drivers and rebooting, this is still the case. However, as soon as I install qubes-tools- AND reboot, my network connectivity vanishes. Not only has the network adapter disappeared, but I also am now unable to open my “Network Settings” in control panel (the window will instantly close if I attempt to do this).

Notably, I have attempted every conceivable permutation of the installation options for Tools to attempt to isolate the precise cause of the loss of network connectivity (selecting/not selection XEN network drivers, Move User Profile, XEN PV disk drivers etc). None have made a difference: with whatever settings I install Tools with, upon reboot my network adapter will have disappeared and I will permanently lose network connectivity from my Windows 10 Qube.

Has anyone encountered this issue before, or have an inkling as to why this would be happening? I should emphasize that the only thing I need Qubes Tools for is clipboard access. If I can get clipboard sharing on my Win10 Qube while preserving network access this will be sufficient for me.