Qubes stuck at logon

Hi guys,

I’ve made something stupid and accidentally broke my qubes install. Help :frowning:

Unlike my keyboard, my mouse wasn’t connecting automatically to dom0, and I always had to allow it through a pop up that appeared right after system start. So I did a very little research on how to fix this and found myself in usb qubes documentation.

Long story short, I’ve edited


with nano and changed it’s contents from

sys-usb dom0 ask,default_target=dom0


sys-usb dom0 allow,default_target=dom0

and restarted.

Now I’m stuck at logon page because not even the keyboard works anymore, so I can’t type my password. It looks like the system actually crashes too, because that vertical bar when you are typing even stops blinking after 5 or 6 seconds. Keyboard works fine before decrypting the drive.

Is there a way to fix this mess without completely reinstalling the system? I still have the usb installation if necessary.

add qubes.skip_autostart to grub


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My hero. You make it look so simple I feel ashamed. :laughing:
Huge thanks my friend.

While we’re here, how do you suggest I enable the mouse automatically?

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Have you tried using sys-usb dom0 allow in qubes.InputMouse?


Yeah, that’s the documentation I’ve read before. I am probably misunderstanding it, but it lead me to edit the qubes.InputMouse file as I said before, crashing the system.

You should only use sys-usb dom0 allow

I don’t know if sys-usb dom0 allow,default_target=dom0 works, maybe default_target can only be used with ask, it’s the option selected as default when the ask dialog opens.

Yep, that’s it. There should be nothing more than sys-usb dom0 allow

Mouse works automatically now and system is not crashing. :+1:

Thanks again friend! Have a nice day!

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