Qubes start but nothing appears

Hi everyone!

I just downloaded Qubes yesterday and I love it. It was working fine until at one point, it would say that the Qube has started but nothing appears.

I looked at answers to this problem on the forum, however the recommendations don’t work.

Also I should add that it’s not with just one Qube, it does it for all of them.

In the logs I get "Driver ‘pcspkr’ is already registered, aborting…

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Many thanks

Do you see any notification pop-ups after trying to start the qubes and they are not starting?
Do you have any qubes running like sys-net/sys-usb/sys-firewall?
Try to start any qube with net qube set to none, e.g. vault qube.
Run this command in dom0 terminal:

journalctl -f -n0

And try to start any qube, check the command output to see if there are any errors.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes I do see the notifications when I open the qubes, just not the qubes opening.

All the sys qubes are running but again can’t open them.

I entered your script in the command line and it’s just an error message that keeps repeating.

I will attach it below

What’s the message in these notifications?

You can’t open terminal for these qubes?
Try open the terminal using Qubes Domains widget in dom0 systray, right-click on icon → sys-net → Run Terminal.
No window opens?

You need to start any qube while this command is running to see the log output of the new qube starting.

Since the qubes are running you can connect to their consoles from the Qubes Manager to check the logs there and try to fix the issue.
Qubes Manager → select the qube that is running e.g. sys-net → right mouse click → Open console in qube.
You can scroll the log in the opened console window to check if there are any errors.
Or login as user and run this command to check the journal for errors:

sudo journalctl -b

Thank you so much again.

I found the bug in every machine including the Dom

[Firmware bug]: TSC doesn’t count with P0 frequency

I’m not sure whether this bug with TSC is related to your issue or not.
Do you have the same issue with qubes windows not showing up with qubes based on different templates (debian/fedora/whonix)? Or just qubes based on some specific template?

All templates related cubes. Is it possible that it is my pfsense firewall is causing the problem? The only person I saw in this forum who had that also had a pfsense firewall.

When I try and Start a qube it says qube starting, qubes started.

Am I better just to reinstall everything or the same problem will likely come up?

Pfsense firewall shouldn’t be related to your issue.
The cause of your issue is unknown, maybe you’ve updated your dom0/templates and the update is causing this, then reinstall won’t help.
I’d still try to reinstall for a test though if you’ve just installed the system and didn’t use it much so you don’t have much to backup.

It’s exactly after I updated the Dom 0 that this started happening Are we not supposed to update Dom? Is there anything I can do to fix that?

You need to update dom0, but there could be some issues with your hardware specifically. Or maybe something could go wrong during update.

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I installed more RAM also just before everything started not working. Could the new configuration have caused caused this.

Sorry I’m just trying to troubleshoot this because I really like Qubes.

Thanks for your help


It could be related but I’m not sure.

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