Qubes shuts down after a few seconds

Hello, first I had problems creating a boot stick via windows, even with dd option in rufus it crashed at 4.8% image testing.

After I fixed that (creating the stick via fedora), I installed qubes without any errors. after the reboot, I came to the configuration window. I selected my settings and let him finish the configurations. after this reboot, he asked me for my luks, and redirected me again to the configuration window.

After a few seconds (36s) in the configuration window, he shuts off my pc.

no such behaviour in my windows os

I also had the same error with a previous qubes build.

building the initramfs didnt make a difference

how can I provide you any useful logs do find the error?

Did Qubes OS reboot by itself after Initial Setup was done? If everything went ok then after Initial Setup is finished you should be greeted by the login screen where you need to enter your user password. Qubes OS shouldn’t reboot after Initial Setup by itself.
Did you maybe had some errors during Initial Setup?
You can try to only install the templates without configuring anything else and then see if it’ll allow for Initial Setup to finish successfully and then when you log into dom0 you can try to manually setup the qubes using the installed templates and see if there will be an issue with running them.

after doing a reinstall, and checking “do not change anything”, it woked fine without any shut downs.

Seems like on of my qubes configuration settings is causing troubles.

The only settings I made was:
create a usb qube
whonix updates via tor
fedora as default OS

Maybe there is a problem with PCI devices attached to your sys-net or sys-usb.
Try to manually create sys-net and sys-usb, disable autostart for them and check which PCI device is causing the issue.
You can add PCI devices to them one-by-one and try to start the qube until it fails at some point.

Maybe Qubes isnt working fine with one of my usb devices?

something like a usb-hub, usb microphone?

is there any guide to create the sys-net by my own?

or is it just creating a new vm, use the ethernet in pci devices and change the “networking vm” on the required vms?

It’s unlikely to be an issue with your USB device, but it’s still possible for some specific case.