Qubes resolution 1920 x 1080

How can I set Qubes to Display resolution 1920 x 1080. I have tried with the syntax in the HOW TO but it returns with error.

xfce4 → application menu → system tools → display

Inside the Display window I find 4 options

1024 x 768
800 x 600
848 x 480
640 x 480

I would like to have 1920x1080 but the option in not available. Is there a way to tell the DOM to change the settings ?

When I click on the small triangle there are a lot of options.

I have a different situation here. I have installed Qubes on a desktop and I use monitor. I do not have a star on to click on.

Does your hardware support 1920x1080 resolution? For example, my Thinkpad X220 doesn’t, and thus the Display manager doesn’t have such an option to select on the drop down menu for “Resolution.”

I can confirm that it works with 1920x1080. I reinstalled Qubes and I can not revert to the same resolution. In the documentation there is a way to tweak the resolution via DOM but the syntax is not clear. It returns an error. Do you know how to tweak the resolution via DOM ? and the correct syntax?

Maybe you can add 1920x1080 with xrandr. Please reply here after trying.

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Thank you very much. It works. Here is the example I found.

I also followed this “xrandr - How do I set a custom resolution? - Ask Ubuntu

Now, with the method explained in the HOW TO I can not make the change persistent. Do you know how I can make the change persistent in Qubes?

In DOM the following error messages appear after I created a custom.sh file in /etc/profile.d with spec for 1920x1080 (output xrandr). The resolution is set and works.

X Error of failed request: BsdName (named color or font does not exist)
Major opcode of failed request: 139 (RANDR)
MInor opcode of failed request: 16 (RRCreateMode)
Serial number of failed request: 35
Current serial number in output stream: 35