Qubes Remote Support - Error: wormhole issue

I would like to try Qubes Remote Support and found the two packages and the following instructions.

Remote Administration - Whonix

When I run qubes-remote-receiver-start under dom0,
qubes-remote-support-receiver-start I get an Error: wormhole issue

Is there a solution here?

Is there another way to help someone remotely?

You could allow internet access to dom0 by using part of this guide.
This fucks up the whole security model of Qubes, so this isn’t the best approach. Info needed: What exactly are you trying to
get remote support for? And why can’t you just allow SSH access into a single qube?

I wanted to help someone configure their QubesOS over the internet. And found the solution with the Qubes Remote Support interesting, unfortunately this does not work.

This seems like a problem with magic wormhole on this person’s network. Try having them setup a plain MW installation and see what goes wrong there.

Someone else also has the same bug and posted this on Github.