Qubes release 4.2.0-rc3 Screen Lock Not Accepting Yubikey For Unlock

Did an in place upgrade to 4.2.
On 4.1 I’d used the guide at:

to set up yubikey as a second factor of authentication for login and screen unlock.

On 4.2, the initial login screen is the same and accepts my password + yubikey but the screen lock is visually different than 4.1 and doesn’t not accept my password+yubi. I instead have to go back to original password I had set up with the system to unlock screen.

I’m guessing i need to add “auth include yubikey” in a file somewhere but don’t know what that file is.

Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

It looks like a fix has finally been released with version 1.3.0. They fixed the issue while adding support for NitroKey. It is still in the testing repo but you can install it.