Qubes R4.2.0-rc3 ignores Qubes Grub theme on boot

A fresh install of Qubes R4.2.0-rc3 (at least on a system with legacy BIOS) comes up with the standard Grub menu layout - White on a black background, without any title line, and no longer, as previous versions did, with a nice white menu on a blue background.

This is caused by a line GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT="console" in the file /etc/default/grub. Changing this line to the old value GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT="gfxterm" restores the old behavior and again uses the Grub theme provided by. Qubes.

Does anyone know why this was changed? @marmarek ???

By the way: the title line of the Grub menu, currently containing the English prompt Select Operating System can be easily changed to another language by editing this text in the file /boot/grub2/themes/qubes/theme.txt (currently in line 41).

Thanks for the fast reply! :+1:

That seems plausible. As I am using legacy BIOS and never had such problems, I just ask myself if that’s again one of the wonders of UEFI?

It also affected SeaBIOS systems (at least some of them, possibly depending on the configured VGA ROM).

Maybe this is connected to the problem described here? If yes, it might hint to a solution.

can you check also the iso can boot into rescue mode? i think since last time i try, i need to add inst.rescue to boot into rescue mmode

That’s also fixed in R4.2.0-rc3: