Qubes Qortal Project

Hello everyone,

For anyone unfamiliar with the Qortal project, it is a P2P based platform with its core values being creating a truly decentalized internet and giving freedom and power online back to the people.

Like the developers of Qubes, it has been created and managed by a group of people working in their own time with the goal of providing a secure means of communication and transactions free from any form of centralization.

Co-founder Jason Crowe has put forward the idea of creating a Qortal Qube, with one-click installation as a goal, and is keen to talk to anyone who might be interested in working with them towards this.

I would be very keen to be a part of this, but due to my lack of knowledge and experience with Qubes I don’t feel that I would be of much help, so if anyone is interested please let me know, @Sven, @fsflover ?

A quick final note, I haven’t been involved in the development of the Qortal project in any way unfortunately, just an enthusiast of the project as I am also an enthusiast of the Qubes project.