Qubes Peripherals Firewall Settings?

I absolutely have to get a Veikk or similar drawing tablet to work with Qubes for my work. That or get a separate computer running the evil OSX or Satan Gates Windows (neither is gonna happen).

Somewhere Qubes is blocking the mouse outputs coming from the Veikk peripheral.

Where/how could I one-by-one turn off/on the peripherals firewalls until I find the one blocking the Veikk mouse outputs?

If you’re talkin about dom0, you might be running usbguard. Check systemctl status usbguard.

The usbguard doc then applies.

I’m getting a “Unit usbguard.service could not be found” msg in Dom0 Terminal. I assume then I can rule this out?

Yes, you can. But normally @tripleh’s advice would be a good place to start.

What does sys-usb's dmesg say?

Anything about what device (or devices, it might be declaring itself as multiple, and not all of them are being passed through to dom0) the tablet is being registered/declared as?

I’m actually keen to get this resolved as well as it would help me too, because I have laptops with touchscreens that don’t seem to work as intended when passed through via sys-usb.