Qubes + other Linux dual boot

Hi everyone! I want to make dual boot with other linux Hyperbola OS, its Arch based distro approved by FSF. So its can be possible? Like any troubles with dual boot? Yes im read dual boot with Win 10, and this reddit post Reddit - Dive into anything
And github multiboot page
Any tips, or better to install qubes on other laptop, and Hyperbola on another laptop?

Dual booting another OS along side Qubes is unadvised on the same drive. Add another drive or install it elsewhere. You may run that distro in a HVM on Qubes if you wish.

Easily. No troubles of dual boot, just the risk other OS will modify the grub of Qubes OS and affect it.
Dualboot can also be useful for crossing borders in our current hostile world.

The risks are not about the same drive, you can have 2 drives and the situation will not change a bit unless you find a way to disconnect (e.g. physically) the Qubes OS drive before you boot to other OS.

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This is not entirely accurate. Even if the drives are different, your BIOS can be compromised by another OS. See this for details:


so, better to use different devices? btw if im using not BIOS and will use Libreboot/Coreboot it will be compromised? or better choise its buy another SSD for laptop and make switch, when im want to use Qubes?

Devices that are separate computers.

I do not know if there are laptops that can easily connect/disconnect drives, but if you have PC, you can buy sata switcher to change the active sata drives just with button. Sata also supports hot swap and can be visible/invisible to the system just by connecting/disconnecting power without reboots, that is how such switches work.
Just install both OS separately, to avoid systems sharing one EFI partition by mistake. You will be reasonably safe, to my opinion. Attack on Bios/EFI firmware is a reasonably rare thing, I think.

P.S. About the task itself - why do you need GNU/Linux out of Qubes OS if you can install it and run it as a qube? You want to use something like hardware rendering or vitalization like VirtualBox, or what?