Qubes OS under Virtualbox for tests

Before diving in into Quebes world I would like to play with it. The only option I have at the moment is to use it under Virtualbox. I have installed it but it doesn’t integrate very well in terms of size of the screen - Virtualbox is full screen whereas Qubes is in a small window in the middle of the screen and doesn’t scale.
Is there any way I can have it full screen ?

it not recommended

Note: Qubes OS is not meant to be installed inside a virtual machine as a guest hypervisor. In other words, nested virtualization is not supported. In order for a strict compartmentalization to be enforced, Qubes OS needs to be able to manage the hardware directly.

do it as same as in xfce

This is also in the FAQ. In order to try Qubes OS, it’s recommended to install it to a USB drive instead.

I think I wasn’t fully clear - I am not going for strict compartmentalization to be enforced.
I just want to be familiar with its GUI interface - that is all.

you can do in vbox / vmware / qemu. I’m not familiar with vbox, but in vmware you could enable vtx and vtd, everything is worked as expected in vmware and could expect what have you want to try.

In the past I’ve been able to run Xen-based systems (such as Qubes**) under VMWare but I have not been successful under other virtualization technologies.

But it’s been about three years since I tried, so it’s possible things have changed.


** For testing purposes only, of course.

My goal was to play with the GUI and I am aware I cannot expect full security enforcements running it under some other virtualisation.
The problem I have with Qubes under Virtualbox is that its screen is very small and difficult to read.
When running something else under Virtualbox I can install extensions which helps with integration between host and guest. I am not sure if it is possible for Qubes.

it not possible in qubes
you can try to manually set the resolution in the “display” inside “system tools” in q menu (have you ever used xfce or even linux?)

But why can’t you install it to a USB stick? In this case, you will test how your actual hardware behaves.

Because this is not my goal at the moment. My laptop is being used also by my family. Using USB stick means that I have to use either our linux or Qubes.
With Q under VBox I can just use it at any time without rebooting.
My goal was to get familiar with its user interface and see if my family would accept it.

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