Qubes OS summit 2023 - CFP

It is possible to receive some financial help if one wants to talk there? Travel is expensive :frowning_face:

Leaving aside the issue of transportation tickets, I’m thinking of other opportunities to skim some cash. Maybe I could fund you a diner or something like that. Or rent a single room and make it available to you, as I don’t have great requirements for sleeping conditions (a sleeping pad is more than sufficient for me).

Are there any other hot spots related to spending money in this context that I’m missing?

Thanks for the offer, but I’d prefer to handle room & food myself :+1:

If I was to join, my biggest expense would be by far transportation. And it’s also not clear if the summit is free or paid, it’s usually a few hundreds euros :confused:

We’ve had a discussion on the #qubes-public channel and there’s a high chance it’ll be free for active community members, though I myself am not promising anything.