Qubes OS R4.2.1-RC1 is going into test, final release on 25th

Just got posted on GitHub


What’s new in 4.2.1?

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I guess it’s just 4.2 + all the patches since 4.2 iso was released

Per @marmarek “it’s basically R4.2.0 + updates”

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And what is “updates”?
Any changelog?

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Based on the 4.2.1-rc1 post draft, you can filter the issues with this:

is:issue is:closed reason:completed closed:2023-12-18..2024-03-14 -label:"R: cannot reproduce" -label:"R: declined" -label:"R: duplicate" -label:"R: not applicable" -label:"R: self-closed" -label:"R: upstream issue" 

Can’t post a direct link here, the forum breaks the filters in the url.

I guess this means there is no summary of changes.

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In dom0 you can use
dnf history

And make a script that runs through
dnf histroy info x

It will show you the versions of all updates, by date

Not sure if this is fresh install only or also applied when doing updates from 4.2.0:

The latter - it’s a regular R4.2.x dom0 package update:

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It is a huge difference from the Christmas Bonus Edition (4.2.0). The list is to long and embarassing to metion but in the first week I did not curse or break anything. It is not where it should be but overall congrats… My rating for the OS is 3/10 from 1/10.

That’s unfortunate, would you like to report bugs and issues so it get fixed and Qubes OS could be better for everyone in the next release?