Qubes OS not using kernel version reported by update details


I have just updated all qubes. In the Details section of Qubes Updater I saw that the kernel was updated from 5.15.52-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64 to 5.17.something. So, I thought it is a good idea to reboot the whole system after everything has been updated. However, after rebooting uname -rv still show the old kernel version (testing in dom0 and fedora-36).

In fedora-36 qube I notice that rpm -q kernel outputs:


regardless of the fact that in the same qube uname -r shows 5.15.52 as mentioned above. Another strange thing to me is the fact that the update Details did not show 5.18.xx but 5.17.xx kernel.

My questions are:

  1. Is it normal the update process not to update the kernel in the qubes (especially dom0 which AFAIK propagate to other qubes)?

  2. Are there any additional/manual steps required to update the kernel to the updated one? (e.g. some dracut runs or something else)

  3. Or is the not updated kernel version deliberate (a special security measure or for some other reason)?

  4. Why fedora-36 shows kernel several versions none of which are in use?

  5. Why fedora-36 shows a kernel version (5.18) which Qubes Updater details did not show?

  6. What is the right action in this situation?