Qubes OS: How it works, and a demo of this VM-centric OS

Decent YouTube review (for once…)

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There’s also a quite good video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORYrr5Eh7xg&feature=emb_rel_end

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Thanks for sharing. It does sound decent!

The only think I couldn’t get over is the fact that he changed the theme to one where the window colors don’t show. Although he explains it’s a conscious choice, there may be security implication of this.

What I think qubes is missing is a nice-looking XFCE theme that also supports the coloring. (Maybe someone is interested in making an ark-dark fork with color support?

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I think there are some that look nice. There are certainly a lot of choices. Have you tried them all?

Yes, I’ve been through them all. Most of theme resemble computers from the 90s. But I guess that’s XFCE’s defaults

It’s just a matter of taste, but it can also have security implications. So if people are used to ricing their Linux and that’s one of the first things they do (I did this immediately when I got Qubes), the might disregard the importance of the colors for domain disambiguation. Something that user research may uncover.

In the end I ended up settling for nodoka for the window borders, which is ok-ish. But I generally prefer more flat designs. I have described my XFCE customizations here.

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Hey, I like the 90s! :laughing: