Qubes OS General Documentation Up To Date?

Documentation | Qubes OS how up to date can I assume the official documentation is on this link? I know with several open source projects the official documentation can lag behind whats actually relevant. I’m spending time to read through every single one and was curious if it’s all applicable to 4.2 etc.

Qubes team friendly recommendation: Please add “last modified dates” to the headers of your documentation pages. It’s a good habit (we actually require this at my business when SOP docs are modified) helps everyone know how old the relevant info contained inside them are and if they may need updated.

actually as writing this, I realized these pages are pulled directly from Github which does have history dates. However i see a lot of them haven’t been modified in a few years, so back to the original question of how up to date these are kept? Can I assume if an official document is old that it’s still relevant and just didn’t need to be changed or is it possible it may be outdated info?


There are at least a few known issues with the documentation:

Template documentation is out-of-date, does not mention `qvm-template` · Issue #7837 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

UEFI Troubleshooting documentation does not reflect 4.1 · Issue #7363 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

Update GUI protocol documentation for R4.1 · Issue #6773 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

PV USB documentation needs to be updated for Qubes R3.2 · Issue #2144 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

Update XFCE Documentation · Issue #1923 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

Transition the Qubes documentation to the Read the Docs (RTD) platform · Issue #8180 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub,

and more.

If you can, help with it.


I see I’m glad I asked!

I’m sure I will when I get more time under my belt. I like to be active in community projects I use, which is evident by all the dumb questions I’m already asking lol. Oooo my business can be a contributor to that would be fun.

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The documentation should be reworked soon to provide versioning (so we could have documentation for 4.1 and 4.2 and the next version when it comes, all in parallel). Once this is done, I guess there will be some work done to update everything to 4.2.

Last month, I updated the Firewall documentation as it was really critical, this was a paid work by Open Collective (everything is available on their website, it’s really transparent). I’ve been told to hold a bit until the new documentation framework is in place to see with the team what should be improved.

And let me ping @unman who took the lead over the documentation IIRC :slight_smile:


thats probably a really good idea like some of the guides idk what version they apply to, and once it’s in place it’s likely not a whole lot of extra work as when the previous versions go EOL they wont need updates from that point forward anyways unless legacy version support/updates is a thing for Qubes which would seem pretty hard with such a small team to keep 3+ versions going.

that makes sense with 4.2 just officially dropping, make sure everything is actually working as intended before writing updated documentation on it. Good to hear it’s all in the works!

There is a (longstanding) open issue for this:

Yes, glad you found it. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no, that is not a safe assumption. It could be outdated (especially for a new release like 4.2). This will hopefully be improved for future releases by the current effort to switch to release-specific documentation using the Read the Docs (RtD) platform:

The documentation is largely a volunteer effort: