Qubes os for Beginers

Good evening everyone, here I would like to switch to Linux because Windows is becoming an insecure operating system. I’m a beginner but I manage to find, manage in research (thanks youtube :slight_smile: ) If I take Qubes Os, is it easy for me to take it in hand? Thank you beforehand

It may take some getting used to but it’s not impossible. It’s mainly about changing the way you’d do things (and possibly some troubleshooting).

The documentation is a great place to start: Documentation | Qubes OS

In the introduction section you’ll find some basic guides, getting started tips, and videos, which you may find useful.

I thank you very much, because with all the distributions offered on the internet, it’s hard to choose. But when I saw the bones and the things we could do, I said to myself, I have to try


Yes, and one of the nice things is that you can run pretty much any distribution that you want in a VM, with a good number of them readily available with a single command: Templates | Qubes OS

And of course you can also run an iso.

I would add:

Check the Hardware Compatibility list (HCL):

– Qubes OS is a bit picky, about the hardware (compared to some other Linux distros).

Also, Qubes OS is not a Linux. Now how scary that could sound, hahah. If you ever used VirtualBox or VMWare-alikes, you should get used to Qubes pretty fast.


Qubes allows you to experiment a lot without destroying your system, which can be a very big advantage if you are the type of person that learns by trial and error.

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