Qubes OS Detached LUKS Header Installation

Is it really possible to install Qubes OS detached LUKS header on separate encrypted drive? If so it would have plausible deniability for qubes installation.

I don’t think encrypted detached header will add more security. But it’s possible to configure detached boot, and header. Soon when i have time i’ll post the guide.

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I think it does. If the user destory the USB reading the qubes disk is impossible

The problem is, “IF” you are arrested, and there’s a usb and a laptop. They’ll know you are hiding something, and in any case if you are just losing usb / laptop. still they would know nothing. That’s what I believe for now, I don’t know how the attack method will be in the future.

Destroying USB is way easier than destroying storage devices/laptop. In some countries users are forced to hand over the decryption password, If the user can destroy the USB there’s no way to unlock the disk.