Qubes OS Daemon Failed

I was doing a full update (or backup don’t remember) and my laptop shutdown. Ever since then when I boot up Qubes, I enter my hard drive password and I get a bunch of Qubes is daemon failed. Sys-net , says-usb , says-firewall. Basically all my startup VMS fail. I login and the only thing I can open up is terminal. If I try opening global Qubes settings I get the following “whoops critical error” “QubesDaemonCommunicationError: failed to connect to Qubesd service errno 2 no such file at line 583 of app.py.

Someone please help I don’t want to lose all my files!! If I try to open any other VM nothing happens. I can only open dom0 files and dom0 terminal.

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Please dont panic - your files are still there, but you cant access them
through Qubes at the moment.

You should be able to check this - choose a qube with some minor data
in it - then go to /dev/qubes_dom0 where you will see the “private” and
“root” data for each qube.
Test mount the private drive:
sudo mount /dev/qubes_dom0/vm-<qube>-private /mnt
poke about and look at the contents:
ls /mnt
Then umount:
sudo umount /mnt

Now you know your data is safe, you can decide what to do.
This will depend on how many qubes you have, how much data, where it is
located, and how important it is.

Personally I would start by taking a backup of the important data. If
you already have one, just reinstall.
If you dont have a current backup, make one now. Then reinstall.

If you have access to another machine or a live distro, then you could
try reinstalling the core packages - start with python3-qubesadmin,
qubes-core-dom0 etc. Download these on to a USB, attach it to dom0 and
install them there. But this could be flaky, and somewhat unclean.

Thanks for the reply. when I mount it says
Vm :can’t read super lock

Some of my docs I see not all VM say that^.
How would I go about backing this up?? I still can’t get Qubes backup vm open.

Do you see any pattern to which qubes/volumes can be mounted, and which

Personally, and depending on the value of the data, I would take a full
disk image at the start, using clonezilla or similar.
But if you are only concerned with a small(ish) amount of data from a
few qubes, and you can mount the relevant private images, then just
take the risk and attach a USB device or another disk to dom0, and rsync
or copy the files over.
If you need help with this, just ask, but give some more detail about
which qubes/volumes work and which don’t.