Qubes OS configuration survey! (5-10 minutes)

We’re working on a simpler, more user-friendly Qubes OS configuration experience. We invite you all to lend us 5-10 minutes of your time to participate in this 100% anonymous survey. Your participation will help us build better GUI tools for system configuration that meet real user needs. This survey will remain live for 28 days. Thank you!


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The purpose of this survey is learning more about how Qubes OS users - current and former - configure and use their system. In order to provide better, GUI-based tools for system configuration, we need to learn more about real user needs and barriers you have encountered while using Qubes OS.

As little or as much time as you are comfortable spending with this will help us out tremendously. Time to take this survey is 5-10 minutes and the survey is completely anonymous - no information other than what you explicitly provide in survey answers is collected.

If you have participated in previous Qubes OS user survey(s), some questions may be familiar to you - but as we do not collect any data except for the answers themselves, we cannot correlate your current answers with any previous answers. Thank you for your patience with answering them again!

Note: There is a known bug with LimeSurvey in Firefox on an Android devices - if you encounter problems, please use another browser/device combination. We are very sorry! :frowning:

The work that will be done based on this survey is funded by Prototype Fund and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.

This survey is 100% anonymous. LimeSurvey is free and open-source software. Qubes self-hosts our LimeSurvey instance on servers we own and operate from Berlin, Germany. No survey responses contain any personal identifying information about you. Should you have any questions, please send a note to survey@qubes-os.org · (PGP Key).

Light-grey text on white background is not very well readable I have to say.


The context of Tor question I can’t understand, does that mean a debian / fedora based which we configure everthing or a very easy Qubes-Whonix?

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