Qubes OS 4.2 on ZFS using native encryption

I have a 4.2RC4 install that I’m planning on using to try out ZFS storage with using the guides found here: How to install ZFS on Qubes OS — Rudd-O.com

The guide tells you how to set up ZFS on top of LUKS for encryption, but I’m curious if anyone is using ZFS’s native encryption instead of LUKS on their systems. I have an existing Linux server in my homelab I use to back up ZFS volumes on other systems, and I’d like to use it to back up Qubes. It would be nice if I could just send raw encrypted snapshots to the backup server, similar to what I do elsewhere.

If anyone is running Qubes on ZFS with native encryption, I’d love to hear your experiences setting it up and using it. Thanks!

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