Qubes OS 4.1 with Fedora 34 EOL

Does the current 4.1 release include Fedora 34 EOL?

as far i remember, the current 4.1 release still using fc 34, debian 11, whonix 16.

Looks like it. Why release with EOL Fedora 34?

They still haven’t update it, or maybe prepare for 4.1.1

You can use this if you want latest release.

How to read out the current version number in a running system? Sorry for the ignorance.

No problem, cat /etc/redhat-release

Because Fedora 34 wasn’t EOL at the time 4.1.0 was released. :slight_smile:

Qubes OS 4.1.1-rc1, which contains a Fedora 36 template by default, is available now, though!

Would you consider Qubes OS as a rolling release in itsself w/o considering its templates?