Qubes Opsec for Journalists

Continuing the discussion from Dual Boot with Different Drives and Security Consequences Of That:

I’m interested in this. If anyone knows of such a resource, do let me know.

To define the use of ‘safe’ OS a bit more clearly.

Information today is provided more by amateurs. People who are in place to see events, perhaps photograph them, post information.

Professional news used to provide the public with information which had been verified. Sigh. Professional news organizations used to depend on stories from newspapers, which could again be verified, then researched by large media organizations, TV, networks, and then put out for the general public.

I recall a story of a person whose apartment window overlooked the door of a place in China handling dead bodies during the Pandemic who posted information that there were a lot more dead people than China was admitting to. I think the poster went to jail.

There are lot of stories about posters of information going to jail.

These are the people who could benefit from a secure OS. While at the same time, they are not computer experts. Myself, I have spent hours reading Security websites, and I would not post against a power group I thought would harm me. I simply do not know enough.

If the Operating System alone is not sufficient to protect a poster of information, and requires a technique. Then that technique is what is the OpSec rules we seek.

Rules for a non-computer expert. and for more of an amateur Journalist, or just an information poster.

Information from the news can, might allow individual citizens to live their lives better, to prepare better for eventualities, to form a more accurate opinion.

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