Qubes Onionsite Appears To Be Down

I wasn’t sure whether to put this into “Website Feedback” or “General Discussion”. Either way, I wasn’t able to see if there was already an issue opened on Github, the qubes-users mailing list, or here on the Forum.

It seems the Qubes Onionsite has been down for a couple days now. This is a little problematic for myself since I use the Onionsite to fetch updates for all my VMs. Thought I would make it known in case there wasn’t already an open issue.


Update: This appears to be resolved

the onion website has no relationship with getting OS or app updates over tor.

just as if the qubes-os.org website was down, that would not affect your ability to get OS or app updates.

Actually, it does - the onion repos are served from the same host as the
onion website.
If the one drops offline, so will the other.

thanks for clarifying!

one can still get OS and app updates via tor (without onionsite) in the meantime.