Qubes on motherboard Asus Pro WS W480-ACE


I’m heaving motherboard: Asus Pro WS W480-ACE
It runs lates BIOS version: 2301

I was not able to install Qubes OS v. 4.x

I found in this document:

that my BIOS version runs on Qubes “R2”.

Does it mean that only Qubes 2.X will run on my PC??
Anyon had experience with Asus Pro WS W480-ACE??


You mention that ASUS Sabertooth 990fx v2.0 is using bios 2301, and has nothing to do with your motherboard.

if you can be specific what’s the error, we may can help.


Installation stack in this point:

Virtualization and Vt-d are enabled of course.