Qubes on iMac connection issue

I installed a bootable Qubes USB using my 2013 iMac. But during the process I saw some ‘failed’ messages (see below images). These appear each time I boot from the USB, and I can’t access the internet (wireless or ethernet connection) once in Qubes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for addressing these errors? Cheers in advance

The failed messages appearing each time I boot are as follows:

[FAILED] Failed to start Start Qubes VM sys-net.
See ‘systemctl status cubes-vmQsys-net.service’ for details.

[FAILED] Failed to start Start Qubes VM sys-firewall.
See ‘systemctl status cubes-vmQsys-firewall.service’ for details.

[FAILED] Failed to start Start Qubes VM sys-whonix.
See ‘systemctl status cubes-vmQsys-whonix.service’ for details.

Here’s an image when trying to connect while in Qubes (as a new user I can only upload one image)…


Try to go to Qubes Manager, select sys-net, right click Qube Settings, choose Devices tab, select your pci devices connected do sys-net and click ao the botton, Configure strict reset for pci devices.

You can see some info here: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/pci-devices/
specifically in “adictional attach options” and learn more about the security implications of the fix (hopefully).


Hey qubicrm,
Much appreciated - I’ll give it a go.

Hey qubicrm,
Just wanted to say thanks - this worked. Much appreciated dude.