Qubes on HP Z2 G9 Mini ? Possible?


I have been curious about Qubes for years, but I did not have the hardware to run it properly, so I always postponed.

Now, I have the opportunity to order, in the next few days, a good workstation (using fundings from my company) and I would like to ask for feedbacks regarding its compatibility with Qubes.

Time constraint: Unfortunately, I have to choose quite soon in a couple of days, and I am afraid I do not have enough time to do my own proper research, which would require at least a few weeks. This is why I am asking in the forum.

What I’m planning to buy is a HP Z2 G9 Mini, configured as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i9-12900K 3.20G 30MB 16 cores
RAM: 64GB (2x32GB) DDR5 4800 SODIMM NECC Memory
→ I am not sure if there is also an integrated GPU in the motherboard, possibly the Intel UHD Graphics 770?
Wifi: Intel AX211 Wi-Fi 6E +Bluetooth 5.2 WW with Internal Antenna WLAN
Ethernet 1: integrated Intel I219LM PCIe GbE Controller (Intel vPro with Intel AMT 16.0)
Ethernet 2: HP Flex 1GbE Single Port NIC
Mother board (???): I could not find infos about it, I guess it’s the one standard in all HP Z2 G9 Mini.

I couldn’t find the HP Z2 G9 Mini in the “Hardware Compatibility List”, so I really look forward your help and suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi @qubes_wannabe, welcome to the Community!

Nobody really knows if it will run well until someone tries. In principle, you can try to find similar specs in the HCL (e.g., GPU, CPU) and check how they work, but it’s not perfect.

You would help the Community if you try and submit an HCL yourself.

The CPU looks fine, as it meets key Qubes requirements like IOMMU, SLAT, VT-x, etc.

Only way to tell for sure is to try it. My advice would be to buy from
a vendor with a good return policy.

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