Qubes on Hardware Firewall?

I was about to install pfSense on a Protectli Vault, and noticed that they have a guide for installing Qubes as well. Has anyone here had experience with a Qubes hardware firewall (use case: Home network), or can speak to how they think the networking stack compares to the FreeBSD-derived Pfsense, or OpenBSD?

Install instructions here: Qubes - Protectli

For threat model let’s assume a powerful adversary, because why not.

If you only intend to use the device as a firewall/router I wouldnt
bother: you’ll get better throughput with Pfsense or pf.
It’s possible that Qubes may fit the bill if you also want to use the
device as a network server, storage device, desktop etc.
If you can, I’d have a dedicated firewall device and Qubes behind it -
depends on your budget which models you go for, of course, but a base 2
port would be around 200 USD.

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