Qubes on a Thinkpad W701ds

Hello everyone, I am in possession of a Thinkpad W701ds that used to be my brothers old workstation. I have seen other models, W530, etc, all able to be loaded with Qubes no problem. I have tried many many things to get this running.


Intel Core i7-720QM
Samsung 750 EVO 500GB
NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M

I knew since it was using an nvidia processor, it would be more difficult getting going, as expected, the default installer option would not make it to the install screen and crash my laptop. I had to go into the troubleshooting menu and install in basic graphics, using INST.TEXT . This launched the installer in text only mode. It alerted me that interrupt mapping is not available. Upon doing research it didn’t seem too import and not a game changing issue for my threat model. Everything installed just fine and it didn’t get stuck.

Upon booting up from the disk it was installed to(normal and with nouveau blacklist), I put my LUKS password in, and everything starts up. I get stuck at this error: msg=“unit=lightdm comm=“systemd” exe=/usr/lib/systemd/sys” hostname=? addr=? terminal=? res=failed

Pressing ALT CTRL F3 takes me into a login prompt for Dom0. I put my user and password in, but realize that the installer never even asked me for a username or password setup. I forgot if it asks for that during initial boot or not. Idk what to enter for the Dom0 login and password. Either way, I’m stuck there and upon researching can’t find a solution I really understand. Also just to note, booting from the installer usb stick I use, from the basic graphics mode, with no force for the text only installer gives me the: Not asking for VNC because we don’t have a network, X startup failed.

I also did all that nouveau blackmagic too that I found on the Qubes forum, and in official docs, but none of that worked. I don’t even think nouveau supports my card anyway. From research I’ve done, my processor doesn’t have an iGPU on it either.

I will do anything to get this thing running Qubes so any input would be amazing, also feel free to ask me for any other details. I am not new to Qubes, but I am to having issues installing it, now on this dinosaur.

Thank you.

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