Qubes Menu: Suggestion for easier readability/organization

I’m not sure if this is already possible or not as I’m new to QubesOS, but I haven’t found a way to do it. A couple of features I would like to see for organization:

  1. Q [Applications] Menu

On the dropdown menu in the section that shows the Qubes, it would be nice to have it condensed down by adding folders: Service, Domain, Disposable, and Template so the qubes are organized by the class of qube and then you hover the mouse over the folder to see the qubes that fit into that category so there isnt so much to sort through. This would be set as the default setting. So if i wanted to open a firefox browser in my “Personal” qube, from the dropdown it would look like

Q > Domain > Personal > personal: Firefox

  1. Applications Menu Settings

Add an “Applications Menu Settings” Application to Q > Qubes Tools that allows users to modify the appearance of the Q dropdown menu. In this settings application provide users with a few standard organization options: Class (the new default mentioned above), Trust Level (which sorts by tag color), None (which sets it back to the current setup we have now), and Custom. The custom option, just as it sounds, gives users the ability to create their own folders for oragnization and select which qubes/templates/VM/etc. are shown in each one. Any time a new Qube is created it just gets added below the custom-made folders until the user returns to the custom settings and moves it into one of the new folders.

Okay, so I followed the directions for installing it and using it.

  1. It is nice to have that organization, but it’'s a separate application window that opens which just adds another step to trying to get to what you want.

  2. To install the program I used the command:

sudo quees-dom0-update --enablerepo=dom0-unstable qubes-desktop-linuxmenu

I right-clicked on the toolbar and selected Panel > Add New Items > Launcher. It added a blank icon to the toolbar and I right-clicked on it and selected Properties > Add One or More Existing Items to the Launcher > Open Qubes Application Menu. Then I run the command:

qubes-app-menu &

It opened the Open Qubes Application Menu. Then I close out of it and try to go and click on the new Launcher shortcut on the toolbar and nothing happens. I click it over and over and over and nothing happens, it never opens. I reboot my computer and try to click on it again and nothing ever opens. Then I try and click on the normal Applications Menu > System Tools > Open Qubes Application Menu and the application never opens. The only way I can get it to open is by opening up a terminal and using

qubes-app-menu &
  1. It’s a nice organization application, but its still an additional step and an additional program to launch to try and get to the qubes as opposed to just organizing the normal Qubes Application Dropdown Menu.