#qubes IRC channel

Last time I checked a few months back and I saw @adw post recently that it is official now.

Have you tried connecting to the channel and chatting? I am able to connect, but when I try to chat, it gives and error message:

#Qubes_OS :Cannot send to channel

The server changed a while back. That’s why I linked to the Qubes OS website:

There doesn’t seem to ba any users in the #qubes:libera.chat but the #qubes chat has a large number.

Do you need to be added to a whitelist to see the channel?

Nope. Just used a web client without registration to post.

I split our discussion about the chat into this feedback thread to keep it clean.

Yeah I could see this being of use to other users. When attempting to connect using the ‘webchat’ method, I get an unknown error message when trying to connect to #qubes

I think that’s technically still under consideration, but I’m not certain:

We currently have this brief section for it on the help and support page:


(Ah, I see you already referenced it above.)

I created a bit of a tutorial to help QubesOS users connect to the Libera IRC server over Tor while
using Whonix:

The general guide is here → Connecting to Libera.Chat | Libera Chat

but I found you need to take further steps to actually get connected successfully.


→ Have a hexchat client which connects via both a tor proxy and without tor proxy

→ Register a nickname and have it linked to an email; this can be done using https://web.libera.chat ; click on the activation link in the email to complete the nickname registration.

→ log into irc.libera.chat (using non-torrified client) using TLS and identify with the registered nickname

→ generate a certificate for the tor-based client and put it in the correct hexchat directory (~/.config/hexchat/certs)
- the ‘certs’ directory must be created and cannot be anything other than ‘certs’ (e.g. ‘cert’ will not work)

openssl req -x509 -new -newkey rsa:4096 -sha256 -days 1096 -nodes -out libera.pem -keyout libera.pem

→ You need to change the cert name of ‘libera.pem’ to ‘client.pem’ as stated in the Libera guide

→ get a fingerprint from the certificate in the certs directory

openssl x509 -in libera.pem -noout -fingerprint -sha512 | awk -F= '{gsub(":",""); print tolower ($2)}'

→ add the certificate fingerprint to the nickname on the non-torrified client while connected to the Libera IRC server

/msg NickServ CERT ADD fingerprinthere

→ Choose login method SASL EXTERNAL (cert)

→ Toriffied IRC server is palladium.libera.chat

→ Proxy settings → proxy server hostname → sys-whonix ip address ; port 9050 ; SOCKS5

→ torrc config file edit needs to be the sys-whonix torrc file as this is what the whonix workstation will ultimately use to connect to Tor and will resolve the .onion address

→ check ‘use SSL for all the servers on the network’

→ check ‘use global user information’

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