Qubes introduction in German

I translated the introductory chapters of the Qubes documentation into German and hope to provide arguments for the use of Qubes that will make potential users think about improving their IT security, even without having to go to the trouble of reading English texts. This could be particularly useful in the environment of public authorities and smaller companies.

The text can be downloaded from the corresponding entry in the German part of this forum.

@adw Is there a possibility to upload this file as a .pdf to the forum - currently, this file type is blocked for uploads to the forum? Also: It might be helpful to integrate the text into the normal Qubes documentation, but where?


Guess there is a possibility to change the Documentation | Qubes OS to German. Thinking I’ve seen it here somewhere in the past… Wasn’t it somethings like https://de.qubes-os.org/doc/

If not, we can put up the very same wiki solution under https://www.qubes-os.de/doc/ I owned the domain and could forward it to the QubesOS team (if needed).

That might be a solution! Currently, that domain is empty, but the Qubes team might find a place to put it!

This may be of interest: https://groups.google.com/g/qubes-devel/c/ASj7tehn1G0/m/yVIMeAalAQAJ

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Thanks, @GWeck! Please consider sending a message to the qubes-translation mailing list about this. They might welcome your translation and have ideas for how it can be used. My understanding is that the translation of the Qubes docs has been occurring on Transifex for quite a while now.

As for uploading new file types to the forum, that’s a question for @deeplow.

Thanks for the hint - I am looking into the traslation mailing group.