Qubes installing but templates failing to load/install from payloads

when attempting to install on my desktop (which I have successfully installed this version of qubes on before) I am getting the errors listed below

['/usr/bin/qvm-template', 'install', '--nogpgcheck', '/var/lib/qubes/template-packages/qubes-template-debian-11-.4.0.6-202302031359.noarch.rpm'] failed:
stdout: ""
stderr: "Error reading file from rpm payload
Installing template 'debian-11'...
ERROR: Failed to extract debian-11 template

Sometimes it does this during the fedora template, sometimes during the debian

I’ve redownloaded the iso, double checked the checksum, flashed to a different USB, hard wiped the SSD, and still having the same issue

Again I have installed qubes successfully on this machine before. I attempting to look up this error didn’t see anything. Maybe I just missed something obvious

The odd thing is after it fails, it still boots me into the qubes XFCE desktop environment. But only has the one (or none) that succeeded to install. Can I install them from this botched install state even though the sys-net was never set up?

Any possible solution would be helpful

Link to a similar issue unresolved, which also links to other posts people have made about similar issues.

Have you checked the integrity of your installation media?

When you boot into dom0, do you see template rpm packages in /var/lib/qubes and its sub-directories? If you see them, you can try to install those with sudo dnf install XXX.rpm where XXX is the name of your package.

If you do not see them, and you’ve checked the integrity of your installation media, then it would be possible to reinstall and skip the post-install step, then manually install all templates, using salt to create default sys- qubes.

Does your dom0 run out of free disk space?

I don’t believe so, my SSD has been freshly formatted and is 2tb, the weird thing is sometimes it falis on fedora, and other times the fedora template install fine and it fails on the debian one

yep, double checked the integrity, and tried it with 2 separate USB drives, same issue across both.

I will attempt the manual install this afternoon, thanks for the tip!