Qubes installed alongside Windows 11, bootloader shows no entry for Windows Boot Manager

Recently, I’ve installed QubesOS. Before installing it, I had a Windows 11 installation. I wanted to install QubesOS alongside Windows 11, so I shrunk the Windows 11 partition. I then proceeded to install QubesOS using this method:
Now that QubesOS is installed alongside Windows 11, the bootloader installed with QubesOS doesn’t give me the entry option to boot to Windows boot manager.
How can I fix this?

Yes, I know the screenshot isn’t from QubesOS, it’s from the Fedora installer, however I just use this screenshot as an example, since it’s the most similar thing to the QubesOS installer.

Do you use UEFI or Legacy BIOS boot mode?
Do you have the Windows boot entry in BIOS? Try to change boot order there so Windows will boot first.

I’m using UEFI, with legacy disabled. I’ll see if I can boot to Windows boot manager using the BIOS menu.

Windows belongs in a VM.

It does, but so far I need graphics acceleration on Windows, therefore I require myself to use Windows 11 and QubesOS installed in the same laptop. My ThinkPad doesn’t have two GPUs, so therefore I cannot have a Windows VM for now and erase the existing Windows installation.