Qubes installation not working please help ๐Ÿ˜•

Hi please help i m trying to install qubes for last 4 days tried everything nthg is working getting this error and nthg is working
I m sharing 2 screenshots 1. Is the installation options i m getting and even if i leave them as it is as defaults to go with it still not working giving me error

These are the options i m getting and even using defaults to start with doesnt work

Based on the templates versions it seems youโ€™re installing the Qubes OS 4.1.
Can you install the latest Qubes OS 4.2.1 version?

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Its the same error i get whatever version i try

Can you login into dom0 and try to start sys-net manually?
Since youโ€™ve installed the Qubes OS on USB drive then if the drive is very slow It could be that the sys-net is failing to start because of timeout if it couldnโ€™t start within 60 seconds.
You can increase the sys-net timeout and start it for a test. For this you need to run this command in dom0 terminal:

qvm-prefs sys-net qrexec_timeout 3600

There is no internet connection on qubes os i m using ethernet and tried to see even wifi can work but i dont see any internet ๐Ÿ›œ option on it i need to have internet working both ethernet and wifi

The internet is provided by sys-net qube. Your ethernet and wireless PCI controllers are attached to this VM and you need to run sys-net first to make internet work.

So when i start using the code u given it will start working do i need anything any command or way to start using internet i need wifi most of the time as ethernet cable is short

If the sys-net will start successfully and nothing will be wrong with your ethernet/wireless controller drivers/firmware then youโ€™ll be able to start using the internet without any commands.
Youโ€™ll see the NetworkManager applet in the system tray where youโ€™ll be able to connect to your wifi AP.