Qubes install as domU - serial console

Hello, I’m trying to debug the Qubes 4.1 install as a domU, from another dom0 (nested virtualization, 4.0.4 install went ok).
Is it possible to add a serial console to the installer, without having to rebuild the ISO ? I’d like to be able to xl console qubes from dom0.
Another possibility would be using SSH, but is it installable/activatable on anaconda ?

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you can try adding console=hvc0 to Linux kernel and console=com1 to Xen. Grub should allow you to do that. But accessing that console from dom0 requires some tinkering, see Windows debugging | Qubes OS

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Oh, the master ^^ First lemme bow, as I realized a somewhat similar setup (network-in-a-box), but way simpler, and way less brilliant and secure, so I really can appreciate your work and what you achieved !
This precision is useful though : I don’t use Qubes as a dom0 yet, it’s a Debian 11 dom0, vanilla Xen 4.14.4-pre. Qubes is ran as a domU with experimental nestedhvm. On my setup, xl console is enough to connect to Qubes’ installer.
Anyways, that worked, thank you ! So like this :

mboot.c32 xen.gz console=com1 --- vmlinuz console=hvc0 [...]

The only drawback is you get the text installer then, so ALT-Tab does not work.
In fact, using only the Xen console (so com1 but not hvc0) is the best of both worlds as I get the Xen console which switches to an anaconda prompt, and I still get the GUI over VNC.
More questions …

  • What does plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles do ?
  • can I get two consoles ? So I can keep one to monitor Xen, and one to monitor anaconda

Forget about plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles, I looked it up, sorry.

plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles: normally if the Plymouth module is enabled it will prevent boot messages from appearing on any serial console which may be present. This flag tells Plymouth to ignore all serial consoles, making boot messages visible again, as they would be if Plymouth was not running

So for reference, it’s better to keep it in this case.

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