Qubes + hardware crypto wallet


I want to use Ledger nano x or trezor T on Qubes+Whonix template.

I read a lot of information, but I still do not understand - which of these devices will be the most compatible with this OS?

I’ve seen a lot of connection guides, but they are either old or not quite what suits me.
I do not have a sys-usb, usb are connected directly to the sys-net because I use a usb modem and specified this setting during installation. Usually, to connect usb devices to the AppVM, I just select the device from the top in the GUI and connect it to the vm.

Will this work seamlessly with a ledger or a trezor, or will additional steps be required anyway?

I need to use a ledger or trezor with their default wallets + connect to the browser for the exchange site.
Which path and device will suit me best and what additional steps will be needed to fully work?

I use latest qubes 4.0.4

I knew that there are smart people here. Yes when using crypto-not-securities (as opposed to tokenized securities) a hardware wallet is the way to go. I don’t know Trezor but it is very likely it is safe when connected to Sys-net. For 300 you can get 100% HCL hardware so I would not cheap out.

In the late 1980’s there were crypto wallets that blow anything that is on the market today out of the water. I investigated a couple then and here is the 411. Infrared port and serial port for direct wallet to wallet no network neccessary. They were the size of a pocket calculator and they even had self distroy chips (used later in Japan’s Giga Pets). All Xray instpected parts! There were 2 drawbacks. One was a limited number of trasactions 500? after which you had to cash out and buy another wallet. The second part was the slime bags community … really not very trustful people.

For anyone reading the OP’s post and looking for some further info on getting the a Ledger Hardware Wallet setup under Qubes/Whonix check this link out:


I hope this helps someone, someday :slight_smile:


I fallowed those steps but couldnt get it to work