Qubes-gui-agent & qubes-rpc-multiplexer Syntax Error

I’m unable to launch any applications in my Debian 11 AppVM. It was working fine this morning until I ran some updates.

The AppVM itself launches fine and I can get a console into it. But when I try to run anything, it fails. Trying qvm-run <vm> terminal returns exit code 2.

I poked around and found that the service qubes-gui-agent was returning a syntax error. The relevant logs from qubes-gui-agent are below.

Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}") 

Also when I try to do qvm-run --pass-io to copy a file, it gives the same error

/usr/lib/qubes/qubes-rpc-multiplexer: 41: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")

Found the issue! One of the applications I installed earlier wrote some stuff in my user .profile. It contained a syntax error and that was causing the errors.

I removed it and can now launch applications. Keeping this here in case anyone comes across this! :slight_smile:

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