Qubes freeze (slow mouse effect) + random Reboots

Random reboots have been happening more or less since fresh install, and across different machines entirely. What a bug for an OS.

The current major problem is that it randomly freezes - the visual effect is that the mouse gets incredibly slow, and clicking and digiting doesn’t work anymore - forcing me to shutdown by pressing the power button - losing all the unsaved work.

I did not have this before the last update. I think this is only happening when I shutdown vms, but not sure.

Looking at journalctl in Dom0 I have only a few lines of logs at the time of the incident, and a bunch after I press the power button, so I have no clue what is causing this :confused:

Fixed: the new QubesOS update that pushed the kernel version in Dom0 from 5.15.94-1 to 5.15.89-1 introduced the bugs for me (at least the freezing one), reverting to the old 5.15.89-1 seems to permanently have solved the problem.

Tagging @supporthelp to let you know how I fixed a CRITICAL bug (thanks to the random support of the community that advised me to do so in another thread)

can you post your hardware details? CPU, RAM, harddisk, etc.? The freezes I had has diminished in their frequencies over the last months and I have not reverted the dom0 kernel.

I just updated dom0 last night: today I got the freeze again (with the reverted kernel version). fucking shitty OS

Just to confirm:

  1. You’ve experienced random reboots on different machines that you control/own?

  2. What makes you suspect shutting down VMs is related?

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post hadware

  1. Yes that is correct, completely different computers, although I must say with the new one (which I’m currently using, old one is gone) I haven’t experienced a random reboot in a while, could be 1 month+, maybe some update fixed this.
  2. Actually I do not any longer, I have the formula to replicate the bug more or less, I just need to very heavily stress my hardware (lots of open vms, doing specific resource intensive tasks), then I have to open or interact with my KeePass2 instance in the vault vm, right then and there the OS freezes with the bug I described at the beginning.
    If I do not interact with KeePass2 this doesn’t happen no matter what I’m doing.

I will soon change from KeePass2 to another password manager.

Thanks for the update.

I recommend KeePassXC if you want to stay within the KeePass password manager ecosystem.

May I suggest pass?