Qubes for productivity?

Hey, if Qubes made personal and professional templates so that you could use Qubes for numerous tasks… Can I use Qubes to organize my daily schedule?

  • By using something like Joplin with Snap or Flathub Qube, I want to manage my daily tasks. I am aware that I can use it when my qube is already working.

But my question is: Can the Qube open automatically to alert me for tasks I’ve already customized with my program (Joplin, for example)?

You can make any Qube autostart if that’s what you are asking about. However, designing a coherent workflow with browser extensions without compromising the security is not that easy. Probably qubes-url-redirector and this howto [Guide] Automatically install extensions and configure new (dispvm) Firefox profiles with arkenfox user.js and policies would be a good point to start. I’d suggest keeping the Joplin browser plugin in one Qube and opening links there when necessary.

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Thanks for your feedback …
My question is :
Could I modify any Qube to start a software automatically in a specific time (to manage my tasks) .

Or could the software (I had installed to force the offline Qube to start in specific time to give me a notification.

Also, could you tell how to make any Qube autostart ?

Of course you can. Just to schedule a task in dom0 to “qvm-run xx-qube xx-software”.

This means I’ll intentionally open my Qube and start my task. And if I don’t open my qube, I won’t get it. That’s what you’re getting at !!

Nope, the command above does it for you. You just need to configure, to make that command run automatically on time.

The “qvm-run” command boots up the qube and starts your software.

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You can autostart Qube & setup autostart for program into it with rc.local or local Qube cron for example