Qubes Environment Cleanup

I have question on regular Qubes environment legacy cleanup.

In Window/Linux land there are a number of application that will clean the disk of unneeded/unwanted files. This can be hundreds of megabiytes of data. With Ubuntu I have run BleachBit daily with 300mb+ being removed.

Is this cleanup something that should be performed in the Qubes environment? With the multiple Linux environments and multiple VMs would it be required to be performed in each VM? Or would running in the base/template of each cover all associated VMs?

I am not concerned about deleted file being accessed. Run full encryption. More a question of recovering the disk space of unneeded/unwanted legacy files.


What are those 300mb+ files, daily?
Mostly apt related I’d guess and maybe journal?
If you are concerned about host disk space:
I don’t know exactly if Qubes handles it differently but in case of other programs like KVM/Virtualbox you need to remove files in the VM, zero free space and then shrink/compress the VM on the host.
Looks similar to:

If the concern is disk space in VM then it depends on the files which should be deleted.