Qubes.dom0.icon update fails and interface starts flickering

this happens after some time after every reboot, mostly when i open a lot of vm’s simultaneously, or one vm has been on for a long time.
there are multiple notifications in the lower corner that qubes icon update has failed ,
And the whole kde interface becomes very jittery and flickery.
The menu’s flicker, i cannott read the launcher, not even the titles of the applications.
And nothing i do sets this right apart from restart.

i am on a 12700k on a testing build. and it is stable so far, but just this little glitch, and my default gpu is gt 730 gdddr5 2gb
so i t can be a video ram issue ??
i have just now set the video ram configuration suggested in qubes docs.

is there anything else you can think of that can cause this?
Please help

KDE is not official in Qubes as far as I know, so the fact should be kept on mind while 'blaming" Qubes and the devs.
I am sure you agree with this.

didn’t blame anyone, just need help…
Tell me which part of my writeup is blaming and i will edit it

New users reading this would be discouraged to use Qubes, right?

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

changed! sorry


seems to be a videoram issue, ill update if solved

Until someone come up with a suggestion, feel free to search the forum for flickering, maybe you can find something helpful. There are only 23 results for the term:


this seems to have something to do with vm’s that have been running for sometime in the background.
And happens more with whonix vms

i noticed i have qubes installed without swap and this issue happens more when i wake system from suspend and windows have been ongoing for sometime.
Could this be a swap issue??/
how do i now decrease size of my encrypted disk and add swap

Is actually zswap used for hibernation in Qubes?

don’t know …