Qubes-dist-upgrade error on btrfs (update to v.4.2)

There is qubes-dist-upgrade error on qubes root (/) btrfs installation.

How to upgrade Qubes OS without reinstallation?

How to upgrade Qubes OS without reinstallation?

With that message qvm-prefs: error: no such domain: '' during qubes-dist-upgrade it looks like your default management disposable template was missing. If running qubes-prefs management_dispvm confirms this by showing nothing, try to recreate it:

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I read qubes-dist-upgrade --help and this documentation: How to upgrade to Qubes 4.2 | Qubes OS

  1. Then i did (STAGE 1) Update of dom0, TemplatesVM and StandaloneVM manually:
  • via sudo qubes-dom0-update,
  • and install updates inside TemplateVMs:
    • apt update ;
    • dnf update ;
    • ā€¦ .
  1. Then run STAGE 2, STAGE 3 via qubes-dist-upgrade,
  2. Then sudo reboot.
  3. Then run STAGE 4 - with some no critical errors with some my StandaloneVMs (It might be necessary to update the QubesOS repositories from 4.1 to 4.2 by hands in StandaloneVMs.).
  4. Then run STAGE 5, STAGE 6 via qubes-dist-upgrade.

The update completed successfull!