Qubes Dispoable HVM

Is it possible to create a disposable HVM?
(I didn’t see anything in the docs)

If not, how come?

It’s possible, as example there’s a disposable sys-net.
take a look in this Disposable customization

Thanks for your reply,
I think what I ment was standalone HVM
can that be disposable?

Only an AppVM can be a disposable template, but a StandaloneVM (doesn’t matter if HVM or not) can’t.

I don’t think there’s any deep reason. It’s just that so far nobody has contributed to make the code more flexible.


is there any alternative
like a live system or something?

This isn’t quite true.
I’ve covered this (quite) a few times before.

  1. In dom0 - create a template:
    qvm-create --class TemplateVM -l LABEL NAME
  2. Set properties, in Settings or using qvm-prefs:

You may also want to set memory and vcpu, and adjust netvm.
You may also want to adjust the size of the System_storage - you can do
this in the Settings GUI, or using qvm-volume resize
3. Start the new qube:
qvm-start NAME --cdrom=dispXXXX:/PATH_TO_ISO
4. Install to /dev/sda
5. Configure the new install as you will.

Now you can create new qube using that template, as normal.
This qube will effectively be a disposable.


In Qubes 4.1, it’s also possible to use normal StandaloneVM as Disposable template. Create StandaloneVM as you usually would do, then go to its setting and check the “Disposable template” checkbox.

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