Qubes Disk password screen crashes

Hello, I have a problem with my disk password screen. After everything loads as usual, I come in to the classic login screen. The loading bar fills up, but when I type my password after the third key, I can‘t put anymore signs in it and can‘t delete something. I can‘t do something without turn the pc off.
I am using a librem 14 from purism.

What if you switch to console with Esc/F1 and try to enter password there? Maybe you’ll see some errors there as well.

I can‘t go there, if I click something nothing happens

You can’t switch to console with Esc/F1 even before plymouth freeze? Or did you only try to switch to console after the freeze?

I waited now for a longer time, so I am sure it doesn‘t work. I can go now to console and this it what it shows:

Did this problem appear after dom0 update in previous successful Qubes OS boot?
Maybe you can try to boot with old kernel?

No, I updated this morning the whonix templates. But I am not 100% shure, are there any dom0 updates in the last 24 hours?

I don’t think there were any dom0 updates for the past week or so.
Does the screen freeze completely or does it react to Esc/F1 to switch between console and graphical splash screen?

After the third letter it freezes completely, like the keyboard was cut off. The only thing that moves is the loading bar. Can I type my password also into the console screen?

Yes, you can type the password in console screen.
Did you try to type the password blindly and press Enter? Maybe it’ll boot successfully?

Thanks, everything looks good now. I put the password into the terminal and it worked. No error messages. To your question, no it was completely off, I tried to reboot the system but it caused the same error, or whatever it was. Never had the same problem or read about it. Maybe someone of the qubes team know more about this.

Maybe the same issue: