Qubes disadvantages question

New to qubes and kernel// haven’t used qubes want to do research before doing so.

Hello, atfer reading this thread Qubes-Whonix Security Disadvantages - Help Wanted! - News - Whonix Forum I see that most the disadvantages come about because “ because Qubes is not using Qubes VM kernel by default yet” is it possible to make qubes use the qubes vm kernel by default so I can be able to use these things. Really need lkrg and tirdad to be installed and possibly kloak.

From my understanding kernels are OS based but is this not true does other applications within the OS have there own kernels or even so all the vm’s?

Is it possible or even advisable for qubes to install an whole new to advert the disadvantages// PS goal is as much anonymity as possible.

Etc question

In terms of app armor, when you want to apply it for better anonymity do you need to Apple it to everything in your system has does that work. Do you need to apply it to every vm, or every template, don’t quite understand