Qubes Desktop Enivronment

Is there a desktop environment (KDE) for example that is considered the most stable with Qubes. Am I giving up any security by using something like KDE?

I’m COMPLETELY NEW to Linux, jumping off the deepend straight into Qubes, probably not the smartest but I’ve always been like that, same way when I learned how to build websites, or any other multitude of things I should have learned “the basics” first but I guess i like frustration and using something in the real world everyday always gets me faster from point A-B instead of learning it in steps. Anyways I figured a desktop environment would take off some of the edge of learning the system but if 1. they arent stable or buggy 2. they hinder security I’ll probably forgo using them.

The default desktop environment XFCE is battle tested as it’s the default, it looks old but it works.

GNOME, KDE Plasma, MATE and other DE (Desktop Environments) aren’t well tested on Qubes OS as only a subset of advanced users use it for their dom0, so there are less bug reports and they are more likely to have unnoticed issues.

As for security, dom0 can’t do networking, so you should be fine whatever you choose.


ah so basically feel free to install but be prepared to troubleshoot it a lot. Probably not something i should consider then until i have my feet under me.

I’m not sure if these instructions still function on the latest versions, but I found them to result in a pretty nice look and feel.

Exactly :smile:

Yea that thread is what got me interested, maybe he will update for 4.2

I used that on 4.1. I don’t know of any reason it wouldn’t work on 4.2. Still Fedora. Of course, the caveat is to backup and be prepared to reinstall. :slight_smile: